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Welcome to the UWS Government Publications blog, which is brought to you by Lucy Carroll of the Library Service at the University of the West of Scotland. You’ll find links here to useful publications which have been issued by governmental institutions such as the Scottish Government at Holyrood, the UK Government at Westminster, and the European Union. You may also find publications listed here which have been issued by non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Note that this blog is not an exhaustive list of all government publications (there aren’t enough hours in the day).

Feel free to add any comments if you feel the urge. My own personal political points-of-view do not dictate which titles are added to the list, so please don’t SHOUT at me because you disagree with something which has been said or done by Alex Salmond or David Cameron (both correct at time of writing). If, however, you have any comments to make about the publications in question, or if you want me to seek out any government-related publications or statistics, all you have to do is blog.

What’s the worst that could happen?

See the How Does It Work? page for more details.



  1. uwslibdum said

    Hi Neal,
    many thanks for this very useful addition to the wonderful (but sometimes overwhelming) world of gov pubs.

  2. Neal Buchanan said

    Thanks very much, Avril.

  3. Darryl Gunson said

    Hi Neal,

    thanks for taking the time to develop the blog. Very useful.


  4. Veronica Murray said

    Neal’s blog is now available on the resources page of the Library web site.

  5. Anne Kay said

    This is a really useful and usable site.
    Well done. Anne

  6. Neal Buchanan said

    Thanks folks. You just can’t beat a wee pat on the back or two on a Friday, neither you can.


  7. Looks really useful and much tidier than my desktop.

    Now, where’s the report on new legislation to ban the return of slimy, orange-faced, war criminals? There must be one surely?

    • Lucy Carroll said

      Sorry John, there’s to be no new legislation on this topic until after the election.

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