Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Vol 2 No 9: The Scottish Industry-Science Anglerfish Tallybook Scheme

This report was published in July 2011.

“The voluntary anglerfish tallybook scheme operated from 2006 to 2010 and was set up following concerns about the lack of information on anglerfish abundance. Skippers completed the tallybooks on a haul-by haul basis, recording the catches of anglerfish (by size category) and other species where possible together with information on haul location, duration and depth. The complete tallybook data set consists of data from over 18,000 hauls contributed by 37 fishing vessels. Hauls have been recorded over a wide spatial distribution with most of the reported fishing activity in the northern North Sea (around Shetland), off the north and west coast of Scotland along the shelf edge and at Rockall. Recent participation levels have declined and data being provided are no longer considered representative of the fishery as a whole. After trying to address the low participation levels MSS has decided to conclude the project. This report describes the data collection scheme, summarises the data collected and provides a discussion of outcomes.”


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