Football Summit Joint Action Group report

This report was published in July 2011.

“The Joint Action Group (JAG), established following the Football Summit on 8 March, has worked constructively and in partnership to develop proposals and identify ways forward to support the delivery of the 8 commitments agreed at the Summit.
In all of our deliberations our aims have been clear: we have sought to develop proposals which will help to protect and maintain the good reputation of Scottish football and which will contribute positively to wider efforts to tackle social issues such as alcohol misuse, violence and bigotry.
Football is our national sport and it should reflect the best of Scotland – with supporters who are renowned for their pride and passion. The JAG recognises that the vast majority of Scottish football fans are a credit to the game and the clubs they support and it is a small minority who behave unacceptably.
The proposals put forward by the JAG are intended to enable supporters to maximise their enjoyment of the game while ensuring measures are put in place to tackle those whose behaviour tarnishes football’s reputation and our nation. Everyone involved in football, at all levels, has a part to play.
We believe that these proposals will begin to bring about that positive and lasting benefit to Scottish football and Scottish society. We are committed to driving this change forward.”


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