Public Sector Employment in Scotland: Statistics for 1st Quarter 2011

These statistics were published in June 2011.

“The statistics in this release are based on administrative records and surveys of individual public sector bodies carried out by the Scottish Government and the Office for National Statistics ( ONS). The publication includes information on public sector employment in Scotland with distinctions made for employment in devolved bodies and reserved bodies (located in Scotland).”

“Some of the key points are as follows:
(based on headcount)

  • In Q1 2011 there were 615,400 people employed in the public sector in Scotland, a decrease of 8,000 (1.3%) since Q1 2010.
  • There were 2,471,000 people in employment in Scotland in Q1 2011 an increase of 43,900 (1.8%) from 2,427,000 in Q1 2010. In Q1 2011 public sector employment accounted for 24.9% of total employment, down from 25.7% in Q1 2010 and up from 23.8% in Q1 1999 (In 1999 the banking sector was not included in the public sector).
  • Of the total 615,400 people employed in the public sector employment in Scotland, 509,700 (82.8%) relates to public bodies devolved to Scotland and 105,700 (17.2%) relates to reserved public sector employment.
  • Total employment in the devolved public sector has decreased from 518,800 in Q1 2010 to 509,700 in Q1 2011, a decrease of 9,100 (1.8%) over the year. This has been driven by a decrease in local government employment. Total local government employment decreased by 9,800 (3.2%) over the year to Q1 2011.
  • There has been a substantial increase of 6,300 (35.6%) in the devolved civil service in the last year. This is due to the recruitment of 6,650 temporary field staff by GROS to carry out the 2011 census in Q1 2011, the number of temporary staff employed by GROS will decrease substantially in Q2 2011.
  • Employment in the reserved public sector (with a presence in Scotland) has increased by 1,100 (1.0%) since Q1 2010. This is due to employment in Public Sector Financial Institutions (part of the reserved public sector) increasing in the last year by 3,600 (9.9%). Within the reserved public sector the largest decrease in employment over the year was in the reserved civil service category, decreasing by 1,800 (5.4%) to 31,200.
  • If banks were not included in the series:
    • Total public sector employment would have decreased by more, 11,600 (2%), instead of 8,000 (1.3%) over the year.
    • Employment in the reserved public sector in Scotland would have decreased by 2,500 (3.7%) instead of increasing by 1,100 (1%) over the year.
    • Financial institutions are not included in the devolved public sector total.”

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