Social Trends

“Social Trends draws together social and economic data from a wide range of government departments and other organisations to provide a comprehensive guide to UK society today, and how it has been changing. Data is presented clearly in a combination of tables, figures and text providing the ideal tool for researching life and lifestyles in the UK. From 2010 Social Trends moved exclusively online allowing it to reach a wider audience and bring many new opportunities to develop and enhance the presentation of statistics while retaining quality and value.

Social Trends is aimed at a wide audience: policy makers in the public and private sectors, service providers, people in local government, journalists and other commentators, academics and students, schools and the general public.

Social Trends covers a range of subjects including:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Population
  • Lifestyles and social participation”

Current Releases

Population (Published 14 April 2011)

Households and Families (Published 14 April 2011)

Housing (Published 10 February 2011)

Transport (Published 3 February 2011)

Lifestyles and Social Participation (27 January 2011)



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