Childhood, teenage and young adult cancers

These reports were published in March 2011.

“For the purposes of this publication, teenagers and young adults (TYA) are defined as persons between 15 and 24 years of age; the distribution of cancers in this age group differs from that found in both adults and children and a separate classification has been created and accepted internationally. To provide information to support decision making on cancer diagnosis and treatment services available to this age group in Scotland, data in the main publications for this age group have been re-analysed in accordance with the TYA cancer classification system.

Key Points

In the 30 year period 1979-2008 there were 5,267 cancers diagnosed in persons aged between 15 and 24 years, an average of 176 per year and representing less than 1% of malignant neoplasms (invasive cancers) diagnosed in a given year in Scotland. Incidence has risen over that period, but has been largely stable over the last two 5 year periods with the exception of some specific types of cancer.

The observed survival rate has increased over the same time period: for all cancers combined, survival at one year after diagnosis has increased by 11 percentage points, to approximately 94% of diagnoses, while five year survival has increased by 16 percentage points to 83%.”


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