Alcohol Statistics Scotland 2011

These statistics were published in February 2011.

“This biennial publication presents the latest available information from a range of national data sources relating to alcohol. These include routine data sources and surveys.

This year there are four main sections:

Chapter 2 – The Alcohol Market
A variety of factors can influence the purchase and consumption of alcohol, and the alcohol market is a key focus of the Scottish Government’s strategic approach to tackling alcohol misuse. This section reports on key aspects of the alcohol market including cost, affordability, volume sold and on- and off- sales. Previously much of the data relating to the alcohol market in Scotland was only available at UK level. However, since June 2008 alcohol market sales data specifically for Scotland (rather than the whole of the United Kingdom) has been made available by Nielsen. This includes a range of data on alcohol sales by volume, type of drink, off-trade or on-trade, per capita, retail sales value and the price of alcohol.

Chapter 3 – Alcohol Consumption
This section describes alcohol consumption levels and patterns in Scotland by age, gender, and by deprivation and income category, in adults and children.

Chapter 4 – Alcohol and Health Harm
This includes information detailing the scale and type of the health impact of excessive alcohol consumption in Scotland. It includes data on alcohol-related hospital discharges (from SMR01) and alcohol related psychiatric discharges (from SMR04). These are presented by age, gender, deprivation and Health Board area. It also reports on estimated numbers of GP consultations for alcohol misuse, alcohol related deaths in Scotland, and alcohol attributable morbidity and mortality.

Chapter 5 – Alcohol and Social Harm
This section includes information from a range of sources including routinely collected national data and survey data to build up a picture of the social impact of alcohol in Scotland. This includes the public perception of alcohol as a problem in Scottish society and offences related to alcohol such as drunkenness. It also includes detailed information relating to road traffic accidents and breath testing, alcohol use in the prison population and survey data on alcohol-related violent crime.”


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