2009/10 Scottish Crime and Justice Survey: Drug Use

This report was published in January 2011.

“The Scottish Crime and Justice Survey ( SCJS) is a large-scale continuous survey measuring people’s experience and perceptions of crime in Scotland, based on approximately 16,000 in-home face-to-face interviews conducted annually with adults (aged 16 or over) living in private households in Scotland. The results are presented in a series of reports including this report on the extent of self-reported illicit drug use. The 2009/10 survey is the second year of the SCJS, with the first being conducted in 2008/09, although crime and victimisation surveys have been carried out in Scotland since the early 1980s.

Information on experience of illicit drug use was collected through the self-completion section of the questionnaire, which was completed by 13,418 (84%) of the 16,036 respondents to the main SCJS questionnaire.

This report identifies the extent of self-reported illicit drug use ever, in the last year and in the last month and examines the experience of first drug use and drug use in the last month by adults aged 16 or over .”


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