A Refreshed Framework for Maternity Care in Scotland: The Maternity Services Action Group

This report was published in January 2011.

“This document is intended as a refreshment of the national Framework for Maternity Services in Scotland, first published in 2001. It has been developed by a writing group of the Maternity Services Action Group ( MSAG). MSAG is convened by the Scottish Government and is the strategic group for maternity services in Scotland. It brings the Scottish Government together with key stakeholders from maternity services, the Royal Colleges, Special Health Boards and the Scottish Health Council. A full list of organisations represented is available in Appendix 1.

The refreshed framework is designed to address all care from conception, throughout pregnancy and during the postnatal phase. The term maternity care within this document is intended to refer to anyNHS service providing maternity care to women and their babies- including care provided by Midwives, Obstetricians, General Practitioners, Anaesthetists, Paediatricians, Neonatologists, Public Health Nurses, Pharmacists, Optometrists, Dentists and Allied Health Professionals. Effective collaboration and communication between all of these disciplines and services, and particularly between primary care, public health nursing and maternity services, is essential for person centred, safe and effective maternity care. Specific standards of care for babies in need of additional, special care are being developed for neonatal services by a national Neonatal Expert Advisory Group.

Whilst this framework is concerned with maternity care, the principles and some of the service descriptors will be of relevance to other staff providing NHS services to women and their babies, including sexual health and reproductive health staff, substance misuse and addictions staff, mental health staff and community pharmacy staff. In addition to those providing direct maternity care, the framework is intended for use by NHS Board and regional planners; clinical governance and performance management staff. Additionally, it is intended as a reference source for local authority and Third Sector services 1.”


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