Cancer Mortality (2009)

These statistics were published in October 2010.

“In recent years, the overall age-standardised cancer mortality rates have fallen for both males and females. However, there is considerable variation in trends for different types of cancer. For example, the rate of female deaths due to colorectal cancer has decreased 14% over the last 10 years, while female death rates due to lung cancer have increased almost 12% over the same time period.

Although the age-standardised rate of death due to cancer has decreased, the actual number of deaths due to cancer has increased: this largely reflects an increase in older age groups within the population, and the fact that cancer is a relatively common disease among the elderly.

Significant patterns exist when examining incidence and mortality rates by deprivation in Scotland. The most deprived areas have higher incidence and mortality rates for all cancers combined. However, there are variations in this pattern when looking at specific types of cancer, for example malignant melanoma.”


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