Scotland’s Budget Documents: The 2010-11 Autumn Budget Revision to the Budget (Scotland) Act for the year ending 31 March 2011

This report was published in October 2010.

“This booklet provides supporting information for the Parliament and others in support of the “Budget (Scotland) Act 2010 (Amendment) (No.2) Order 2010″ – the Autumn Budget Revision. The Order is a Scottish Statutory Instrument laid before the Parliament by the Government in October 2010. The booklet itself has no statutory force – it is produced as an aid to understanding the Order.

The purpose of the Autumn Budget Revision is to amend the Budget (Scotland) Act 2010, which authorises the Government’s spending plans for the financial year 2010-11.

The main changes to the Government’s spending plans set out in the supporting document to the Budget Bill are to reflect:

i) Increase in AME to reflect an increase in pension costs due to a change in the discount rate made by HMT (£714m);

ii) Additional ‘one off’ capital funding for affordable housing (£31m), roads and sustainable transport initiatives (£21.3m), further education colleges (£17m); acceleration of the Dundee Waterfront project (£3.8m) and renewable energy infrastructure (£3m) as announced by the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth in April 2010;

iii) The transfer of resources between Scottish Government portfolios, and between the Scottish Government and UK Departments.

In total these changes will increase Scottish Government spending by £818.7 million from £33,901.8 million to £34,720.4 million.

The purpose of the Autumn Budget Revision is to seek Parliamentary approval for these changes.”


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